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2014: Article on 20th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Siem Reap, Cambodia
About: I will be writing an article summarizing this Congress for the next edition of the International Institute for Asian Studies newsletter (slated for a March publication).
Funding support: Archaeology Unit, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.
Status: In progress.

2013-Present: Study of Pulau Tujuh materials in Singapore
About: A number of ceramics (Chinese as well as Southeast Asian) and beads were acquired by the Asian Civilisations Museum from a dealer in Singapore in the early 1990s to enhance their Southeast Asian ceramics collection and for an exhibition on Riau.  These items were reportedly from Pulau Tujuh in Indonesia and a documentation of this collection (phase 1) will be compared to artifacts found in excavated contexts in Singapore (phase 2).  This study was possible courtesy of the National Heritage Board and the Heritage Conservation Centre.
Funding support: Archaeology Unit, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (October 2013 - present)
Status: Phase 1 of research is anticipated to be completed on 09/01/2014.  Phase 2 will begin in February.

2012-Present: Southeast-Asian Archaeology Repository of Knowledge
About: Digitization project prioritizing rare and out of print materials related to Southeast Asian archaeology.  Link: Masterlist of online distribution.


August 2013: Ancient Southeast Asian Pottery Kilns
About: Dr. Sharon Wong Wai-yee (lecturer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University) led an international team of researchers to conduct research on ancient Southeast Asian kilns at Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai, Thailand, between 15th-19th August, 2013. Other research members included Mr. Atthasit Sukkham (Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, Thailand), Mr. Tep Sokha (Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia), and Ms. Foo Shu Tieng (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies).  The visit was meant to deepen the researchers' understanding of the development of ancient Southeast Asian kiln site construction and the role of ancient economic and trade networks in Southeast Asia, and to expand on that understanding by producing research outputs related to Southeast Asian ceramics.
Funding support: Hong Kong Polytechnic University CPCE Research Funds | Archaeology Unit, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

2012-2013: Shell-middens in the Straits of Malacca

About: Literature review article on dating methods
  • Foo, S. T. (2013, May). The Guar Kepah Shell Middens: Evidence and Questions. Paper presented at the SEAMEO-SPAFA 1st International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand.
Funding support: Archaeology Unit, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (May 2013 - Conference funding for Thailand)

2006-2012: Guar Kepah shell midden
About: A group of shell middens located in Province Wesllesley (current day Penang, Malaysia).  Some artifacts were kept at the Heritage Conservation Centre in Singapore and a documentation project was undertaken to look at possible weaknesses in the recorded data.
Foo, S. T. (2010). “Hoabinhian Rocks: An examination of Guar Kepah Artifacts from the Heritage Conservation Centre in Jurong.” Unpublished Master’s Thesis, National University of Singapore.

Funding Support: Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore (M.A. by Research, Research Scholarship)


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